Dairy Framing

Dairy Farming is an very important source of income to farming communities. Even it is main daily income source for small/marginal farmers. Now a days dairy industry is growing very fast pace among all allied agricultural practices. There are sufficient natural fodders and places available, which can be utilised for for feeding and shelter of animals. The farmers can feed their animals on locally produce agricultural by-products or whatever they can produce in their circumtances.

Inplace of direct income from dairy farming there are many other advantages involved. For example there is lack of regular employment in agriculture, with dairy farming there is possibility of finding employment throughout year for many agricultual labourers. Animal waste is also one of the important by-product comes from dairy farming. It is very good source of organic matter with nutrient contents for improving soil fertility and finally enhance crop yields. It helps farmers an economical source of energy generating product.

With our team expertise and experience in dairy farming, we provide services to our farmers in purchase of milking animals, construction of shed, purchase of equipments, and facilities development for hassle free operation.