Agricultural Production services

Our team of professionals are highly experienced and offer Agriculture Consultancy Services to all farmers and other customers. We do proper investigation of the place, soil and other factors to offer proper suggestion to the clients. Moreover to this, these agriculture based services are easy to avail at low expenses. We are well equipped to handle consultation of any kind of projects related to organic farming, livestock’s/dairy productions, agri-tourism and waste management. Our Consultancy Services includes assessment of an existing farm business,  consultancy for new projects, which includes site planning, farm designs, execution of projects, infrastructure and procurement of services.

We ready made solution in agriculture production for every type of land, soil, climatic condition, weather, and topography. We provide service for field crops, horticulture crops, fruit & vegetable crops, dairy, floriculture, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, poultry, fisheries and other agriculture allied disciplines. We give consultancy of land selection, land development, soil and water management, cultivation practices, nutrient management, planting materials, pest & disease management, irrigation management, high-tech agriculture, Animal rearing & their breeding, and shed development.